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Beckman RV Services - Repairs and inspections

Why hire an RV Inspector?

An RV Inspection is similar to a Home Inspection.  We usually Inspect your RV before you pick it up and the Dealer (if you use one) performs the final walkthrough with you.  The best time to get us involved is before you settle on a final price and made ANY payments.  A quality RV Inspections has the following results:  

  • Helps to make informed purchasing decisions
  • Brings to attention repairs or damages that need to be addressed
  • Justifies a fair price for the RV
  • Produces a thorough report
  • Provides an advocate for YOU – the Client

Helps to make informed purchasing decisions

Buying an RV is a big decision.  That’s why we perform an in-depth, point by point Inspection and assess the condition of the RV.  

Also, you can’t get a Mortgage for a Home unless it has been Inspected first.  The Banks know that it reduces risk to have an Independent 3rd Party Inspector evaluate the condition of the property.  An RV Inspection is the same process as Home Inspections, in fact, we use a lot of the same software and tools as Home Inspectors!  

Brings to attention repairs or damages that need to be addressed.

It’s often said an RV going down the road is like going through an Earthquake and a Hurricane – at the same time! We’ll identify issues with components so you can get them fixed before you buy it and travel down the road.

Many dealers will say, “Just bring it back” if you find anything wrong.  However, we’ve talked with many clients who have shared that getting their RV repaired – after the purchase and in a timely manner- is not usually very quick nor easy. Your greatest chance of getting items fixed by the dealer quickly and easily, is before it leaves the lot.  

A pre-purchase inspection gives you a detailed list of items to be repaired, and can be handed to the dealer for immediate resolution.

Hail Damage on Air Conditioning Coils
Awning Topper that we discovered - owner said "It was fine".
This Tire was advertised as 'like new', even though the Date Code shows it was made in the 11th week of 2015! Sidewall is cracked as well.

Justifies a fair price for the RV

When you understand the true condition of an RV, this helps you assess the current value of the RV as is, as well as estimate the cost of any needed repairs.  Information is critical to any buying or negotiating process.  

Our Inspection process includes Professional Fluid Analysis on the Engine Oil, Engine Coolant, Transmission Fluid, Generator Oil and Generator Coolant.  If you’re buying a 5th Wheel, many of these have a Generator on board and we will sample that Oil as well.  We have a blog post that discusses the value of Fluid Analysis.  

Produces a thorough report

Beckman RV Services provides the most complete inspection report available.  For reference, please see our Points of Inspection for either a Motorhome or Towable (i.e. 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer).  

You can also see our Google Reviews as well as our Sample Reports.  

Sample RV Inspection - cover photo
Motorhome Sample Report
5th Wheel RV Inspection Dallas Texas
5th Wheel Sample Report

Provides an advocate for YOU -the client

The Dealer is supposed to perform a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) of an RV before you pick it up.  While most do perform PDI’s they are typically done very quickly and by junior technicians.  Also, they are not very detailed.  For example, view this PDI from a local Dealer and compare it to our Points of Inspection.  

Also, for a Class A Motorhome we target 6 to 8 hours for each of us to perform our parts of the Inspection! That’s 12 to 14 person-hours on site. Plus a few more at home to finalize the Report.

NRVIA Inspectors are unbiased and are trained to be objective in their reporting.  I often tell Dealers I’m like an umpire in Baseballs – I call Balls and Strikes. We’d love to provide a report to the customer that said we found nothing. But it hasn’t happened yet!

Our Inspection Process Highlights

What makes our Inspection process above and beyond


Since an Inspection is typically a full day activity, we ask that you hold off until we are nearly done.  Otherwise, we would get distracted and miss something.  

This is our 3rd year of Business and we are now Full-time!  That means you get our undivided attention.  

The Report is typically available by noon the next day.  We usually call or meet with the client toward the end of the Inspection to go over any major issues.  

The lab we use typically provides the Fluid Analysis in 4 to 5 Business Days.  

The cost is dependent on many factors.  It’s best to fill out a quote request or call us!

We’ve inspected the following types:

Class A – Diesel and Gas powered

Class B

Class C and Super C – Diesel and Gas powered

5th Wheel and Toy Haulers

Travel Trailers


Yes!  You’ll get 2 sets of eyes for your Inspection.  This team approach allows us to be very thorough as we don’t have to rush to complete the Inspection.  

The big name inspection companies take 2 to 3 hours.  We typically spend 10-16 hours!  

We are currently located in and perform Inspections in the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex (aka North Texas). We are willing to travel, let us know what your needs are.