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Must Have Repair List & Monetary Request List Feature

At Beckman RV Services, we proudly use HomeGauge to create and produce our RV Inspection Reports.  It is  the gold standard for Inspection Software. Even more impressive than the easy to read, high-quality reporting , is the ‘Create Request List’ feature.  It automatically creates a list, from our detailed inspection findings, for you to choose what you would like repaired,  or what you would like to make a “monetary request” for, from the seller.  

For example, as you’re reviewing the Report, there may be issues you want to be repaired or credited by the owner/Dealer.  You’ll be able to use your inspection report to create a repair addendum with a few easy clicks and collaborate with the owner about it. Best of all, this option is include free of charge!

Many inspectors, even NRVIA inspectors, choose not to use HomeGauge because it is cumbersome for the inspector to use.  We choose HomeGauge because it creates a much better product for you, the client.  The CRL, Create Request List, feature is one of the many benefits of HomeGauge.

For those clients that are less comfortable with negotiating, this feature is a Game-Changer!

To give you an idea of what the feature does, here are some excepts from the attached CRL file below:

IIf you’d like the dealer to fix something, just click repair:

HomeGauge Repair List - Repair Requested

If you’d like to request money off, just click Monetary Value and input a $$$ amount:

HomeGauge Request List - Monetary Value Requested

A Summary from the end of the attached report looks like this, totaling all your requests:

HomeGauge Repair List with itemized totals


Click the 2 buttons below! This is a really cool feature you must use to understand how easy it is to ask for repairs or a "Monetary" adjustment.

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