Cargo Trailer Conversion

So a while back, Kat and I decided to Convert a Cargo Trailer into a Camper.  You might ask yourself, why would we do that?  Well, we’ve been to the Dallas RV Supershow numerous times and we didn’t see anything in our price range that we wanted to buy.  Either the layout wasn’t what we wanted, the quality wasn’t there or it was out of our price range.  For example, why do ALL Campers have a dinette that also becomes a bed?  If we had small kids, maybe.  But I usually eat outside, even in the rain and I enjoy the view.  Also, I’m talking about the Camper we use for short trips (2 weeks or less).  We’ve pretty much decided what brand and model to buy when we Full-Time, but that is a whole different subject! 

Our Inspiration was Tiny Homes, CamperVans and other Cargo Trailer Conversions (CTC).  We watched as many shows as we could and search the net for the best ideas.  We settled on a Wells Cargo 7 x 16 trailer with a V-nose since it was the biggest we could store next to our short driveway.  Having it there made it so much easier and convenient for us to work on it.  

The pictures below are the day we brought her home.  It was pretty boring otherwise, but most people use these to haul lawn equipment or tools around.  We had big plans and it was time to started !  


The first thing we did was to remove all the interior panels so we could add insulation.  We found a few areas that leaked water, so we fixed those.  I also added a overhead fan for exhaust.  It wouldn’t be an RV unless it had one of those, right?  I also used beadboard on the ceiling since I liked the way it looked.  I also added a window to the door.  Once again, every RV has one of those, so it had to have one.  

The next major step was to mock up the interior.  Even though I had actual plans, we wanted to see it all in place and move things around, if need be.  Once we were satisfied, it was time to get to work.  I added a window to the Driver’s side and you can also see the Fresh Water tank below the countertop.  We have the ability to carry 20 gallons of fresh water.  You can also see the sink and some of the plumbing in the first photo.  

In the middle photo is the shower pan and the last photo shows the Tankless Water Heater.  I wanted the Heater close to the shower so you can adjust it while showering.  It’s not in this photo, but there is a curved shower curtain and the Heater stays dry!    

So the Photo below is the first time we Camped and I called it a Shakedown.  All of the equipment was installed – Electrical, Propane, Water, and Air Conditioning.  I’m happy and proud to say everything worked as expected.  In fact to date, we’ve only had minor issues associated with it.  Also, it’s hard to see, but the bed is a fold out from Ikea.  It’s a couch in the daytime and a King size bed at night.  

The Photo on the right is the laminate flooring we added.  I’m still not sure why we picked such a dark color, but it shows all the dirt!  But it does look nice and it pops next to the grey walls and white cabinets.  

The Photos below was when we hosted Open Night.  The Camper is fully decorated and it’s very comfortable and inviting.  We also shared the name of the Camper and we call her Serenity!  We’ve taken her on a number of trips and each trip has been a success!