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Checklists – Yeah, I use them!


I’ll admit, I like to use a Checklist for repetitive tasks. Maybe it’s because I was in Military, maybe it’s because I get easily distracted or maybe it’s because at heart, I’m a nerd. Heck, maybe it’s all three! Regardless, I found it beneficial to have these available.


For example, for our Camper, I made a Checklist I use for when I setup the Camper and also when I break camp. For example, Kat and I were pulling into a campground late in the day, we had Dinner on the road and it was raining a bit plus, it was getting dark when we got to the campsite. I’m glad we had a Checklist and I knew everything was complete by the time I got to the end. I keep a copy in my Truck and I’ve even laminated it. I personalized this for our Camper (which is a Converted Cargo Trailer), but you can view mine.


I also reached out to Angie Morell – Sales Director at National Indoor RV Center in Lewisville, Tx and she sent me the Checklist they use. As a side note, if you haven’t visited NIRVC yet, I recommend it. As I understand it, they only sell Motorhomes (new and used) so I’m not likely to be a buyer anytime soon, but we have performed Inspections there and they aren’t like most Dealers. Anyhow, here is her checklist.


I’m of the opinion that RV Manufactures should be providing this info, but I’m not going to expect it anytime soon. If you want to make a Checklist for your RV, I’d recommend looking at your Owners Manual for specific information. For example, most RV’s you should level it first before you operate the slides and awnings. But for Newmar and Entegra Motorhomes, the recommendation is to operate the slide first and then level it. But you may not know this if you didn’t check the manual or the Dealer didn’t inform you.


If you have a Checklist you’re willing to share, send it my way. I’d like to see it!

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