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BOB - Bug Out Bag

So what is a BOB? It’s a Bug out Bag, also known as a Go Bag. I’ve also seen them called a GOOD Bag (Get out of Dodge), 24 hour kit or a quick run bag. It’s used in the event of an Emergency either in your RV or from your home. Suppose you had a fire (see my previous blog) and you and your family got out of the RV. Great, so now what? You need enough supplies to stay alive and deal with any emergency.

Our BOB is designed for the way we Live and Travel. Some of the time, we’re in RV Parks. But often times, we’re Boondocking in the middle of nowhere. The items below are what we have in our RV in case we have to Bug Out in the middle of the night.

  • Weather appropriate change of clothes – I sometimes sleep in Pajamas, sometimes less. It’s obvious I’ll need to wear something appropriate….
  • Non-perishable snacks and water. I pack protein bars, some snacks and a couple of Nalgene bottles of water. I also have caffeine pills too. In the Move Zombieland, Tallahassee was forever looking for Twinkies. Personally, I’d rather have Snickers. So what is your go-to snack?
  • Eyewear, spare Medicine, hygiene products and hand sanitizer or wipes.
  • An Extra Credit Card as well as cash.
  • Old cell phone with charge cable or USB brick – will need to contact Family and Friends. If you were not aware, US law states that all digital cellphones must be able to contact 911 or other local emergency service even if there is no subscription – that means no sim card is necessary! You still need a signal though.
  • Flashlight – mine is actually a spare headlamp. Bonus – it’s hands-free!
  • Multitool, Paracord and small amount of Duct tape.
  • Documents – copies of Driver’s License, RV Insurance, Health Insurance, Contact list for Cell phone, & possibly Bank Account info.
  • Pet Food, Water and Supplies – your pet (if you have one, it’s part of the Family, right?).

My BOB is packed in a small backpack and kept next to our First Aid kit. I can grab both at the same time. Since we have a Trailer, my Truck is likely good to go in case we need to bug out. Also, there is also a Fire Extinguisher in my Truck and two in our Trailer.