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RV Terminology

RV People have their own language at times. Usually, it's pretty obvious, but I thought it was funny and informative to put this list together. if you know of any I missed, please let me know.

RV people have their own language at times. Usually it’s pretty obvious, but I though it was funny and informative to put this list together. If you know of any I missed, please let me know.

RV – Recreational Vehicle. From time to time, it’s also been known as Ruined Vacation.

Shore Power – Electrical power supplied to the RV and normally part of the Hookups. Also known as House Power.

Full Hookups – Utility Connections made to the RV including Electrical, Water and sometimes Sewer (Full Hookups).

BoonDocking – Camping in the woods with no hookups.

Camp Queen – A person that only ever camps with full hookups.

Glamping – Glamour Camping with all the amenities. Normally used a pejorative. See Camp Queen.

WallyDocking – Camping at a Walmart or Cracker Barrel parking lot. Think of it as a glorified Rest Stop for the night. If you do this, call ahead. Not all Wallys support it.

MoochDocking – Camping at a Family or Friends house using their Utility Hookups. Be aware you most likely won’t have a Sewer Hookup while Mooching.

Sticks and Bricks – a Traditional home.

Towable – Any Trailer designed to be Towed.

5th Wheel – Large Towable Trailer that uses a special hitch that is located in the bed of the Truck. So named since the early design involved a wheel.

Motorhome – Any RV designed to be moved under it’s own power.

Toad or Dingy – A smaller passenger vehicle towed behind a Motorhome that used to run errands or get Groceries.

Grey Water – Drain water from sinks, shower.

Black Water – Drain from Commode or Toilet.

Fulltimer – Someone that lives full time in an RV.

Part-timer – Someone that lives in their RV from time to time. Weekends and Vacations count.

Stinky Slinky – The Sewer hose. So named since it’s looks like a slinky, and if you don’t dump it correctly, it’s stinky.

Jesus Switch or the Oh Shit Switch – Emergency Brake Switch on Towables. So named that if it ever activates and the brakes on your Trailer lock up, you going to say something.